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November 29, 2014

Making of low cost Light box

When I started my e-shop, my major concern was about product shoot. I am not an expert and I can not afford professional photographer at the start up stage. So, I went ahead with natural lighting for product images.  My hubby took starting series of product images. I designed the composition and he took it. As he is a free man and has own ideas of taking photos and I wanted to take photos in my own way. There for this collaboration did not work.  With that he become too busy with his own work.

Then, there left no choice. For second series of brass diyas, I managed to took photos in natural light. I was not happy by the result. Still went ahead as there was urgency for me to introduce brass diyas before Diwali. And that's the few rare moment I hold his camera. I normally use his old camera to take photos. I do not touch his DSLR. Now, Its is the time to learn few tips and tricks.

When I checked other sites, few used natural lighting and some studio lighting. For me, its little difficult to go out and take photos. As I have to carry all products and need to maintain them away from dust and scratches. More over there is no direct sunlight hits inside my house. So, choice was clear, to go for studio setting.

I goggled and find out few good product photo shoot tutorials, also went through video tutorials. After studying a bit, created this light box set up which worked out for me. All tutorials suggested main few things, ie a polished surface, continuous backdrop, diffuser and Photoshop. I went to hardware shop and bought two tiles, black and white and butter paper.  Already I had thermocol at home purchased for packaging. Now, with all these, I created this box.

I hope this image explains you better. Simple formula, have two light source from opposite sides. Use diffuser to create an ambient light feeling. As I wanted lights to be movable, attached them to two old diaries using brown tape. Have a semi reflecting tile as surface, a backdrop. Used low aperture (8.5 to 10)and low shutter speed (1/10 to 1/20). Used remote sensor click and 35mm fixed lens. After taking images, post processed them. I have adjusted white balance in Light room and levels in Photo shop. For taking displayed jewelery image, I have tried 6th times. Trying with different light positions and placing another diffuser from top. Do not forget to switch off other light sources.

Now I have fixed this set up in a corner in our 'workshop' room. I got good result by replacing tiles with textured and white card sheet. You can check other product images from my site. I do not say these are the finest product photos. But, these are good enough at the start up point and to impress buyers.

If you have any tips and tricks, please share with me. Its always wonderful to share knowledge.

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