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20 Mar 2016
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20 Mar 2016
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20 Mar 2016
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20 Mar 2016

May 07, 2018

Introducing Desi Cushion covers


Hi there,

Afer a long gap coming back to blogging. I was quite busy with Instagram, you know :)

Today, I want to introduce you few of my cushion cover collection. From the online store beginning, I wanted to start a section on home linen. But I was not able to do so until my visit to a nearby craft mela. There a shop which was selling Banrasi cushion covers captivated me. These were reasonably priced and the shop owner was ready to give me for resale. I was very happy and bought few samples from him. As soon as I posted on Instagram many potential buyers enquired. That made me convince on investing more on cushion covers stocks. Then I went ahead and bought five pieces of each design. A few asked for the bigger size, I have stocked four design with two units each. You can check the STORE for more variety and details.

After few days, I visited another craft mela and stunned by these banjara style patchwork cushions!OMG!! Again the lady quietly agreed to give permission for resale and I was happy. Soon launched on Instagram and quickly few sold out. You should check this collection and write your comments. Do you like? Check HERE.

I am planning to update here with store new launches and the small stories behind that. Hope to see you soon. bye..

June 08, 2017

DIY Coffee Table


I am into three-month self-challenge of house revamping. In this process, I have sold out my old cane sofa set and bought a new leatherette three seaters. OLX! yes, within a day old sofa set and a cane book rack sold out!! I am happy that I made a tough decision of selling existence set to buy the new ones. Now, I have the sofa, not a coffee table. So, the search begin.

I was not happy with whatever available online, price wise. I am having a tight budget. As I was going through youtube and Instagram seeking inspiration, this idea stuck me! Why not convert existing teak jali side table to a center coffee table!! For this, all I need is a glass top and some drilling and screwing.

I went out and bought a glass top of 14-inch diameter. I wanted to have a bigger glass top, skipped this thinking of our toddler. Felt not so safe to have a bigger glass top. In between polished the wood and now it's ready to go!

Existing teak table had a foldable base. I screwed and attached to the wooden top. The wooden top has beautiful brass inlay work. I removed center small design and made a drill and screw glass top.

And here is what the end product look like. I do not own cutting plier. Used kitchen pakkad to tighten the bolt. The result, revolving glass!! Cool, isn't it?

May 22, 2017

DIY Lamp Shade


Now a days I am pretty much hooked into Instagram. There are so many inspirational decor images. One such image made me do this lamp. In that image they have kept a floor lamp which back lighted the palm plant and same was lighting above wall painting. In my case, I have just nailed a beautiful Jharoka which we bought from our recent trip to Jaipur and have a palm plant just below it. Thought why not use an old lamp shade base to do my type of floor lamp. 

I grabbed a piece of cloth, scissors, glue, gum tape and card sheet to do so. I measured old lamp shade base and cut the card sheet. I rolled paper to form a cylinder shape and glued it. I rolled same paper cylinder on cloth to get the measurement, cut and glued on this paper from outside. Looked fab to me. There was a little problem. I needed some base for the lamp. Thought of using beads. To gum the beads directly to thin shade is not possible. Suddenly a new idea struck me. I took out tooth picks, inserted beads in them and stick three of them to the bottom of the shade. DONE! 

Now I placed the bulb and the wiring into its place. My bead base allowed me to pass the wire out from the lamp shade. You can read how I fitted this wiring from this old tutorial.

 Here is the result. I am quiet Happy. How you feel?

With Jharoka, I'll write a new post :)

November 12, 2016

Deepavali 2016 : Part 3


This is the last post of this series.  I am starting with this Godess Laxmi picture. On the last day of Deepavali, I added more rangolis and few diyas. We do not celebrate bhai dooj. Instead I kept lot of free time in this evening to enjoy the festival of lights. With light  background music, I rejoiced the moment with family.

This is how the night looked, I created colorful rangoli panel with free hand design.
A closeup;

This how dining table looked.

One Kolam and another traced Rangoli with center floating candle light.

This is what I did at the entrance, another colorful rangoli.

After years, staying at home and celebrating for four days with the family was an great experience. Hope you all enjoyed the festival well. Once again happy wishes! 

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