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December 09, 2014

Antique Hunting

First one is collected from Udaipur. It was kept back side in the shelf, as they do in all metal craft showrooms. They normally keep good pieces at back. I has to insist them to remove and show it to me. Shop keeper said, its some goddess from South. I guessed it might be Meenakshi. I am not sure. If you know the name, please correct me. The lady is standing on double 'Peetha', holding a Parrot, dressed in shoulder ornament ( guess, its  kucha bandha) symbolizing royal lady, has Mukuta and one sided combed hair with fine crafted ear wares and back parts. I loved this bronze piece. Its for our personal collection, not for sale.

Following brass one is collected from Pandharapur for my e shop. This is not an antique. They are made with antique look alike with very fine finishing. With Chakra, Shankha and Gadha, suggest he is none other than Vishnu. My hubby wants to keep with us as its always difficult to get a fine crafted piece. But I had bought this only for the e shop. So going with my choice. For SALE!

 Do you like this? You can buy this HERE.

I wish one day to become trained and certify antique dealer.  I lovv to spend hours in these craft shops.

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