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November 06, 2016

Deepavali 2016 : Part 1


Yeyy! This is Diwali time again. Happy that, after seven years I am doing a new post on this topic. From last couple of years, we were using our Diwali vacations to tour the new worlds. This time after a long gap we celebrated at home. We have another special reason to celebrate, our little one. She is one year new!

As I have active baby in my home, my decor limited to living hall that too on one side. I kept all my diyas on tables. She is sweet enough to not touch any decor. She just wonder what Mamma is doing all the time. Even she helped me to pick up the flower and arrange ! Here is pic of fresh flowers to start a blessed festival morning.

For the main door, I skipped decorating with Mango leaves. Instead, I used this paddy torana which was bought a year ago. With that taped few marigold on door. This is how main entrance looked.

To add the festive charm, I hanged few chrysanthemum flowers on both side of the balcony window.

These two below flower arrangements I used for all four days. Added little water to keep flowers fresh. I mixed these two with terracotta diyas. Brass plates added more traditional accent to the decor.

Our Diwali celebration began from Choti Diwali, Naraka Chaturshi. On this day, We had a traditional arati and oil bath in the morning. By evening celebrated with few diyas and lights.

Next day on Laxmi pooja, I planed to add more color. For pooja setup, I kept a copper plate on wooden flat seater.  Plate was filled with coins and center silver mini bowl filled with white rice holding goddess Laxmi coin, adorned with few gold jewelry. I used blank photo frame as background and used hanging flowers. I did Shankha and Chakra kolam on both the side. Used fallen paddy from the Door torana. This is how arrangement looked like.

I was not able to take more pictures on first two days. I have active and demanding little one. Below are the pics taken on next day morning. I did this Aishwarya Laxmi kolam in front of the pooja setup.

I also draw small Laxmi pada on one side. I kept diyas and brass bowls with chrysanthemum flowers in between.

This is how it was looking.

By next post, I'll show you other days arrangements and lighten diyas in the night. Happy Wishes!

ಸೌP / Author & Editor

CG Artist by profession, Passionate about art and decor, Loves to explore places


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