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March 24, 2010

Water Lilly replanting

I had brought Lilly seed from my mamma’s home. I kept it in a little earthen uruli. After some days I changed it to a bigger pot and kept outside. Then the problem begins. Daily I used to feed pigeons. Those pigeons made that pot as a birdbath. They used to sit in water and play. And due to this all newborn leaves used to torn. I tried different methods to shove away the pigeons, but all went in vein .Then I decided to replant and allow pigeons to use that old pot to play.

I took an old, tattered bucket, and removed its upper portion using knife. Then folded news papers and pin around its edge. Later put soil (1/4thportion of the bucket) and placed Lilly seed on the soil surface. It should not be placed pressed inside the soil. After that, filled the bucket with water and started to wait for the leaves to emerge. Maybe after a week, leaves started to show up. And one fine morning, after a month from planting,  I was delighted to see a flower bud. Finally next morning flower started to bloom. It took 2-3days to fully bloom. Then it bend in water and died giving birth to new seeds. Now, I am eagerly waiting for another flower to emerge from water.
Here are the snaps of the process and the end result;

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  1. I love this idea.. I am definitely trying this out in my balcony. Thanks for the idea :)

  2. After seeing this gorgeous lily, I am not gonna stop here - I am definitely going to try this out...!!

  3. Glad that you let the birds stay... Check this out..


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