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April 01, 2010

DIY Milk Paint

I was amazed to learn about the milk paint concept through Marthastewart. Then I decided to try it out for myself. I reside in a rented apartment, and don't have permission to repaint the walls. So what to do? After much more deliberation, decided to try it on under beneath portion of the washing basin. And also it was looking very much dirty.

Here is the process I followed.

1. Chosen wall in its original condition.
2. Started with dampening the wall with wet cloth and used washing brush to remove the old paint.
3. Leveled the wall using a wood piece + applying my own mixture of lime n Fevicol
4. Mixed lime + milk solids in equal portion (no color added)
5. Painted using an old brush.(strokes are visible)

I have mixed the milk solids and lime in wrong proportion that paint became sticky. So next day, I went out and bought a new brush and color pigment bottle.

6. Tried with 4:1 proportion. 

Result was good as compared to the old one. Paint was not sticking to my fingers. 

It’s done! Now, I am satisfied with the result. The color is bit odd. Thought to repaint with the white color, may be some other day. 

This is my first wall painting experience. One can notice uneven brush strokes. Still, It is Ok for me. Next time better work .

If you are interested to know more about 'Milk Paint', visit The Earth Pigments. Here you will get step by step guide about how to prepare milk and lime paint. This site also gives you variety of information about wall paints.

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