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September 28, 2015

Photo shoot 2

This is another post related to taking product photos for my e shop. In the first post explained how I created low-cost light box. You can check the same HERE. I used same light setup to take most of the featured products. But when I was introducing fashion clothing, this set up was of no use. Because its small. The light box which I made was only good for jewelry and metal artifacts. At first I thought to ask my friends to model wearing the cloths. This idea was not possible as I have only single piece in each design. I believe it's not good to sell the product once wore by another person. So, after some brain storming thought to click with natural light. Here is the result of first trial at my balcony.

Still I was not sure. I googled to find out more ways to click cloths. Many people are using white board and pin the cloths on it, light properly n take the shoot. For me, I have no studio setup. My space and budget do not allow me to spend on these items. If I go outdoor, there are chances of getting the cloths stained. After much of thinking a way out, I got this idea, why not use white cloth as background and use wooden frame to take the pictures. So decided to go with this idea. Here you can see the setup.

To make the frame stand was challenging. I used weight filled shoe box on one side and tied white string on another side. Later covered the box with dress material and photoshoped the string. Here is the result.

Later edited with designer pattern sketches and the product images looks like this. I have not brighten the images. I wanted to show the actual colors as much possible.

I am sharing this as it might helpful to those  who want to start a e business with low budgets like me. You can check other dress materials photos HERE.

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