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January 07, 2010

Hanging Earings Stand

I have few  hanging earrings. I wanted to store them in a easily accessible pattern. After getting inspiration from some blog ( as i don't remember now), I had prepared my own earring stand using a wooden tile and rubber bands. These bands were tearing of due to the tension. Therefor, tried with thick black thread. This method worked out well. Here is the good result. How you guys store your pretty jewelries?

ಸೌP / Author & Editor

CG Artist by profession, Passionate about art and decor, Loves to explore places


  1. oh fab idea.. I always have this problem.. What about chains.. and necklaces.. How do you store that? Any ideas??

  2. thanx Patricia, :)

    I store chains/bead necklace in transparent boxes.

    here r some useful findings:

    I am thinking of making chains hangings using U hook sticker. I will post when its done :)

  3. i like beads very much..good storage for things like them

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  5. wow,lovely idea.Nice.i store in small cloth pouches and then in a big cloth pouch.

  6. I like this ... idea... So cool and easy....!!

  7. soupi is such a wonderful blog...i loved ur blog and this gr8 idea...


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