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November 17, 2010

New Space

This is my new place!

Here I have a balcony for which I always wished and a nice flooring. The only problem is with the living hall. Hall is quiet small compare to the old house. In my old house, we had 'L' shaped room and dining n sitting arrangements seems to be separate. Here its in a long rectangle shape and quite complicate to arrange the furniture.

As it was summer, I had placed single seaters in our balcony so that my hall looks little bigger. One of this chair was for him to sit and practice his drawings and opposite one was for me to sit and chat with him while sipping a cup of Chai. This arrangement lasted till the first rain.

Now, I have a new setup. Balcony is now having a small garden, TV table once again 're' used as computer table (its original form). Another big computer table is sitting in the store room and holding most of my decor items. Because I have joined back work and scared of my maid. She already had broken one elephant while cleaning and I don't want other items to follow same route.  I hope I'll find out some safe method to re decor keeping in mind of new maid!  My DVD cum book stand moved to kitchen (space problem). DVDs into wardrobe and few lucky books are happy at dressing table. While others are wrapped under storage bags.

Really its difficult to move from one space to another. While purchasing new things tenants has to think twice, like will it fit in another '3X6' Mumbai homes?

Let it be. It seems more challenging. I'll coming up with new arranging ideas. This image is from my first set up of living room.

ಸೌP / Author & Editor

CG Artist by profession, Passionate about art and decor, Loves to explore places


  1. Oh wow!! oh wow!! I like your new space.. specially the balcony is gorgeous!

    Oh and I also like the new header.. on the blog!

  2. I am in love with your bamboo sofa. I wanted one like that, my husband did not agree for it.


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