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October 21, 2009

Deepavali 2009

As compared to last time, I didn’t spent much time on decoration. On the evening of Dhanteras, I went to goldsmith shop with my friend and bought silver Laxmi coin. On Choti Diwali, I went with my husband to his office for Diwali bash. We worshiped same Laxmi coin on Badi Diwali and bought home theater on that eve. Now I am able to understand English movie dialogues. Before that I used to listen with the help of Headphone. New systems give me gyan that there was problem with the TV speakers and not my eardrums! I invited my neighbors on Govardhan pooja and hosted a small party. At last on Bhai Dhooj, I spent time with taking some snaps. Here are some of my snaps;

Laxmi Mandala
This is my new experimental kandeels, made by folding A4 paper.

These are the Rangolis done for Diwali. I tried different pattern each day. I am not an expert, still tried :)

ಸೌP / Author & Editor

CG Artist by profession, Passionate about art and decor, Loves to explore places


  1. oh wow!! the rangolis looks lovley.. I like the A4 paper candles.. thing!! very creative!

  2. love the paper candles. what a great diy!

  3. waw! nice Soupi. you are so creative.

  4. thanks to Patricia, Preeti and Anat


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