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September 16, 2015

New Life

In another one month we are turning into a family from couples! Yes, I am nervous, excited and bit tense as I was never interested in babies. I like children above 2-3 yrs old not babies. From my early ages I used stay away from small babies. If ever we have to visit a newborn, I used to touch their feet or hands and never liked to hold them in my arms. Now, I am having our own baby! And I have to take responsibility of this new tiny life. Oh!

The major change happened after pregnancy was to quit my job. I did not have any complication, still my doctor suggested to quit my job as it required long (35 km) traveling from my home. I felt quiet bad. My career life was going good and my e shop was also doing great. Suddenly life has taken a turn. What else I could have done, I let it go.

First few weeks sitting at home and doing nothing made me feel relaxed. As the hormones started to change and vomiting started, life became hell. First trimester was not at all good. After fourth month, I started to feel better. Until the sixth month, I kept my self away from computer and social media. I was rarely able to sit in front of PC or do surfing from mobile. I have even stopped watching TV.

As the conditions improved and started to feel better, I am back on surfing as usual. Only difference is  my net surfing theme changed from creative stuffs to more of baby stuffs. I started to learn from 'baby center', 'bounty', 'what to expect' and other sites. I wanted to know more about Indian moms and their pregnancy experiences. Looked for good baby and new mother blogs. I found very few. Its same with V logs, very few. There are several blogs about parenting, few about pregnancy experiences like Bumps n BabyWholesome mama and The new Indian mom. So I thought, why not blog about my experience? I was not sure about this as I do not consider having a baby is some thing greatest beautiful thing happens in women life. That's why I decided to blog about baby shopping than trimesters. I might write about my experience, later.

I do not know why shopping for the baby before delivery considered as a bad omen. I have heard that new mothers collect old baby cloths from others members of family. Only after the birth, new cloths are allowed to buy. I do not believe in this tradition. I do not feel any harm in shopping for a new life. Therefore went with my shopping instincts. Before that I watched many foreigners v logs to know what to shop and what not to shop. And decided to do my own. These surfing introduced me whole new vocabulary like swaddles, wrappers, nappies, diapers, onesies, rompers, mittens, jobalas and so on.

I searched with available online shops like babyoye and first cry. Also visited infant cloths shops in malls. I was not sure from where to start. During my visit to neighboring shopping complex for weekend chats introduced me to a new shop which deals only with infant and pregnancy clothing. The lady was nice to me. She showed different options and varieties. There I bought two swaddles ( pink n pattern), three vests (two cotton muslin cloth), two cotton nappies and a quick dry sheet. I was not sure about other stuffs. Therefor shopped only these. Also I bought two meter muslin white cloth from adjacent cloth shop for multipurpose use. Here is snap from my first shopping.

And for my second round of shopping I went to Thane main market looking for infant garments shops. I found out several shops at Ram Maruti Road and did shopping in selected two shops; 'Katty Batty' and 'Monica'.  Second shop 'Monica' has huge collection and very adorable prints. Here is what I spent on my second round. Another swaddle as I liked teddy prints on it, four cute caps, three colored caps with string, two small-sized nylon spread sheets, four vest with front hook ( read these are handy to dress newborn), four colorful mittens and two bath towels.

I was not sure about receiving blankets. As he wanted to have at least one. The prints were so tempting that I agreed to buy one (top left).  I saw in v logs that these are not much of use. I can decide about that later. Bottom left is the godali/quilt bought from first shop. Later in another shop I was unable to resist (top right) quilt because of its two sided prints. Bottom left is another blanket which has side+head cushions. This could be used as receiver and as bed.

How much are these going to useful, I have no clues. And in my pending list are baby diapers and bathing products. My hospital has suggested to bring baby diapers with soap, shampoo. I have to see whether they are bathing newborn or not. I heard it depends from hospital to hospital. I also want to use cloth nappies. I have learned how to fold square cloth in an origami style. As I would be taking rest after delivery, its him and nurses to decide what to use, what to not. However planing for buying some more muslin and lining cloth to use as nappies. Let me see.

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