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April 12, 2010

Happy Gifting

It was very difficult to choose a gift for my friends two year old daughter. I was searching every item available in the mall. Then this small cutie stuck me. I was not sure whether I can gift a 'plastic' item or not. Then after a thought decided to choose this rather than the Barbie/teddy-bears. For my surprise she liked it very much and started to play from the day one. I was overjoyed.

Whenever I see small chairs, my mind falls into nostalgia. When I was a small kid, I had a small cane chair about which I was very possessive. It was with us till my high school days. And later when we were shifting the house, that chair was given to somebody else. I was very sad at that age too.

Here is my gift to pretty angel. So cute!

ಸೌP / Author & Editor

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  1. I love chairs in all sizes this is a really cool idea! If you have a moment stop by
    I am giving away are pretty rose teapot for the month of April!~


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